Friday, August 21, 2009

Barney Frank says it best

Barney Frank responds to a woman who asks him why he is supporting a "Nazi" policy:

Enough said. Thanks for playing lady--and take your parting gift back to the mothership--clearly your time is over.


macon d said...

Yes, an awesome moment. I love his interviews, especially on Democracy Now. He seems like a politician who, for once, mostly believes what he says.

I wonder what that woman's parting gift should be?????

How about a miniature dining-room table?

Jennifer said...

HA! You totally made me laugh! Yes, a tiny dining-room table would be the perfect gift for someone like her. And does anyone else recognize the absolute absurdity of telling Frank, who was born and raised Jewish, that he is supporting a Nazi policy???!!!

Eurasian Sensation said...

Her question got the response it deserved. Kudos to Barney Frank.

Jennifer said...

Eurasian Sensation,

Thanks for stopping by--I took a peek at your blog and would love to cross post to it at some point if you don't mind.

Thanks for blogging about mixed race issues in your corner of the world!

And yes, I *heart* Barney Frank--he doesn't hold back and calls them as he sees them--a "frankness" (forgive the pun) that I love.