Saturday, May 17, 2008

The last word on APA heritage: Beau Sia

So maybe he isn't the last word for APA heritage month, but I'm concluding this week-long series on Asian Pacific American history/heritage with a shout out to spoken word artist Beau Sia. He is of mixed Chinese and Filipino heritage, which I think makes him a fitting spokesperson for my last APA heritage month tidbit. I'm going to post three of his YouTube performances below, the last of which is a spoken word tribute compliments of the now defunct AZN channel (a cable television station that had been devoted to all Asian/Asian American programming--sort've like the Asian Telemundo or BET). It's a slamming piece, if I don't say so myself, but so are the other two, the first called "Hip Hop" and the second "An Open Letter to all the Rosie O'Donnell." For more on Beau Sia, go to his official website. And of his art below, watch, listen, and learn.

["Hip Hop"]

["An Open Letter to all the Rosie O'Donnells"]

[Asian Pacific American Heritage Month PSA]


Unknown said...

Thank you for these posts! I love them. I think it gives some people a sense of pride and dignity that you can't get anywhere else. The last video was also awesome.

Jennifer said...

Thank you for reading this blog! I'm glad you enjoyed the APA heritage series and that you liked the Beau Sia pieces--the last one is one of my favorite, especially the last line, because the truth is, APA people make contributions to American life everyday--it's a great reminder of visibility for APA people.

Unknown said...

You're welcome! Keep up the good work!