Sunday, February 3, 2008

I appreciate lazy days

When I decided to start this blog, I knew I wanted to be focused as to the types of posts I wrote--to always keep in mind that this was a blog and not a journal.

But since I decided to do this countdown to Chinese New Year by recording a daily observation about what I appreciated in life--as a way to stay positive. And today, the one thing I am truly appreciative of at the moment is being lazy.

I appreciate the times in my life when I just take a bit of a time out. I have been reading The New York Times Sunday edition on line, eating a Cheese danish from my favorite local bakery, and sipping Earl Grey tea. I will more than likely take my dog for a long walk later this afternoon and then spend the rest of the day reading this novel I'm really enjoying (True History of Paradise--I'll be writing more about this work later after I finish it because I'm reading it in preparation for my trip to Jamaica since it set in Jamaica and I prefer reading stories about places rather than travel guides or history books).

I guess I just appreciate the times when I slow down and savor life...when my brain gets put on hold for a moment and I decide to just be in the world.

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