Thursday, February 7, 2008

Gung Hay Fat Choy!

Gung Hay Fat Choy--Happy New Year!

It's the lunar year 4706 (I got it wrong in the post I wrote a week ago), the year of the earth rat. We begin a brand new lunar cycle this year--for more on the lunar new year and traditions associated with it, click on this link:

And my last appreciation as we begin this new year is for my health. It is probably one of the biggest and yet the truest cliches: if you don't have your health, you don't have anything. I'm recuperating from a bout of stomach flu, and yesterday as the room was spinning around me, and I was in a fetal position on my bed, I realized how lucky I am. I know, a bizarre thing to think about when you are feeling like you've just done 10 rounds back to back in the tilt-o-whirl, but really, I knew that in about an hour, my partner was coming home to take care of me. And I had liquids and was staying hydrated, and I had access to clean water, and I didn't have to worry about taking time off from work the next day to rest. And if I didn't get better, I could afford to go to the doctor's the next day (by the way, for the record I am feeling much better). And this is what every single person on the planet should have access to--water, medicine, shelter, and the ability to stay healthy and to find help when you find yourself not healthy. So I appreciate my health, and when I'm not healthy, the things in my life that afford me the access to get healthy.

So here's to an auspicious new year--full of good health for us all--and for us all to try to work towards a place where everyone of us can live healthy lives.


Jason Clinkscales said...

Best wishes and a prosperous New Year.

Tami said...

Happy New Year to you, Jennifer!

CVT said...

An appreciation:

I kind of dealt you a downer comment yesterday, so I felt the need to give the flip side today.

So this morning I put on my red silk Chinese shirt, bought a bag of oranges (blood oranges, because I like them - and I can make any tradition I want, right?), and headed to school. When I got there, I gave all my co-workers an orange and wished them Happy New Year (and I noticed that two of them actually wore red today because I had told them to). And then I wrote "Happy New Year" on my board (no need to specify "Chinese" New Year) and taught some kids.

And they were so naturally curious and interested and excited about it all (I also brought in some chicken feet for them to try). They asked thoughtful questions without awkwardness. They listened when I talked about my grandma and growing up and shared their own stories . . . And it just felt so damn VALIDATING after my very opposite experience last night. A reminder that even though I'm just "somewhat Chinese," I've still got "Chinese cred" and am in a position to teach a little about it all.

And that felt damn good. So I appreciate that. I appreciate my "somewhat Chinese" nature. And my health, as well. And the strength I've been given to come through any difficulties that I didn't appreciate at the time.

Happy New Year. Good blessings and long life.

Jennifer said...

Hey, thanks everyone for the new year wishes--I appreciate it!

And CVT, glad to know you had a good day today with your students and colleagues--it sounds like a great way to start the year!