Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy 2010 -- a year and a decade in review

I've been very remiss in blogging--my apologies. The end of the semester and the holidays were a bit more chaotic for me this year. Or last year I should say. Because it's now January 1, 2010--a new year and a new decade!

If you think about all the changes that have happened in this past decade, it's really quite remarkable. Perhaps this is what we did when we looked back on the last decade, which was also the last millenia. But I do think that the changes we've seen over the last ten years have been true game changers.

Of course, what immediately leaps to mind are 2 in particular: 9/11 and the election of Barack Obama.

But on a personal note, the last decade had some game changers for me as well. I finished my dissertation and got my PhD, I landed a tenure-track job in the South, I ended one longterm relationship and began a second--and I suppose this is also the time to announce that a few months ago Southern Man proposed and I said yes!

So what does this upcoming year have in store for me? I am up for tenure, which means that I'm reading and writing as fast as my little eyes and fingers can stand it. I am planning a small wedding (I've never disclosed this before, but I was married before and did the 250+ traditional wedding--both Southern Man and I would like something much more low-key. And I'm turning 40 sometime this year--which means I'll have to change my profile to reflect that I'm actually a 40-something professor of English.

Anyway, this was a more personal post than I had planned. But never fear! 2010 will see more posts thinking about all things race related since this blog is called "Mixed Race America." But for now, I'm keeping it simple by just letting you all know what I'm currently reflecting on and what I'll be planning in the year ahead. And I do wonder what 2020 will have in store for us as we begin the first day of the second decade of the second millenia.


FB said...

I guess there is no hope for me again! Congrats on your engagement.

Jennifer said...

Ha! Thanks FB--I owe you an email btw. I'm bad about being timely but I do eventually respond to my email. Anyway, Happy new Year!