Thursday, January 28, 2010

Taking "Save the Date" cards to the next level

My brother "C" just sent me a link to Angry Asian Man's blog that had this youtube clip of Jeff and Erin's wedding. It really brings the whole "save the date" card to the next level. Of course, I definitely noticed that the couple in question are not only an inter-racial couple, they are a white-female & Asian-male inter-racial couple, with Erin being a few noticeable inches taller than Jeff--skewering all sorts of sterotypes about gender roles and racial pairings. But really, see for yourself--the production values are AMAZING and whoever they got to do this voice-over sounds just like the iconic movie voice-over guy (who died a few years back).

Congratulations Jeff and Erin--may your marriage be just as action packed and thrilling as the trailer you put together. And congratulations on breaking down all sorts of stereotypes about mixed-race couples. Kudos to you--I hope you have a fantastic celebration in Los Angeles on 10/10/10!

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