Wednesday, July 22, 2009

White people built this country and other lies by Pat Buchanan

I'm sure for those of you who either watch Rachel Maddow or who follow left-wing blogs, the news of Pat Buchanan going on Rachel Maddow's show and saying a bunch of crazy, right-wing, racist, b.s. is not new news. If you didn't get to catch him in the act, let me refer you to the clip below.

Ahhh...affirmative action discriminates against white males. Sonia Sotomayor is a suspect candidate because of her "bias" as a Latina woman. And "this is a country built basically by white folk."


Let me direct you to others who have already said what I feel too frustrated to say:

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And by the way, since Pat Buchanan thinks that white folks are victimized by people of color in today's society, I say go out and hug your white friends today and reassure them that you are not trying to subjugate them with your racial bias. Really, Stephen Colbert says it best in this piece on neutrality -- go to Stuff White People Do for some great analysis and to see the clip of Stephen Colbert.


Laura Stillman said...

I love Rachel and saw this conversation. She does a great job of handing him the rope so he could hang himself.Poor Pat. He sounds scared. I am an uber fan of Stephen Colbert!I am tickled that some of the extreme right think that he is serious about what he is saying.

Jennifer said...

Hi Laura,

I'm a big Maddow fan too--and I love the way she just shut down Buchanan at the end. I also just don't get how people don't get that Colbert is being IRONIC on that show! I mean, REALLY? People think that he's being SERIOUS? (sigh).

Anyway, thanks for stopping by--hope you continue to leave more comments!