Friday, July 17, 2009

My new favorite website: This Week in Blackness

For those of you who saw Monday's post, you'll notice that I closed with a video from the Brooklyn Comedy Company and their show/blog/website, "This Week in Blackness."

Editor-in-chief and chief talking-head, Elon James White, is featured in a series of videos discussing different aspects of "black" America. I have been going through their archive all weekend and found myself laughing out loud at times and at others shaking my head and saying "Yes!"

So check out their site (click here) and let me leave you with this particular piece from early on in Season 1, where they talk about white privilege and encourage someone to give Tim Wise a hug (and I whole-heartedly agree--someone SHOULD give Tim Wise a hug!):


Julia said...

thanks for the laugh, Jennifer. Given Pat Buchanan's rant on the Maddow show, this is awfully topical...

Jennifer said...

Hi Julia,
Yes, sometimes we just have to laugh, otherwise it's too easy to cry, especially with all the b.s. going on right now.

Dannie said...

Hi, My name is Dannie and I am the father of three beautiful multi-heritage children who have grown to make me proud of all our heritages. I am white with a little Cherokee-- which I am most proud of.

I have written a book for my Grandson to read when he is older. It is a story about a young man who becomes lost in the mountains. He is found by an old Cherokee man who leads him to his family and at the same time teaches him about the mountains and the Cherokee people. The man also helps Tyler make decisions about his life.

It is something that touched me as I watched my children grow up and go through some of the cruelty their peers put on them by asking, "What are you?"

The name of the book is, Tyler Hill's Decision, and is available at many on line book stores. It is also available as an Ebook for Kindle.

I really think it is a book that will entertain you and make you think.

If you do read it please let me know what you think.

Dannie said...

I recently wrote a Blog about a book I wrote and I just want to add a little more of my own personal experiences concerning muti-heritage people.

I am white with a little Cherokee and my wife is from Thailand. Our children are grown and now we live in Thailand most of the time.

I watched and tried to help my three children growing up and as a parent I know some of the things they suffered growing up. It wasn’t all bad—in fact we are a close family group and they have enriched my life so much and some of that has to do with their heritage.

Around the age of fourteen I would watch them come home from school and could see the hurt they sometimes carried around. It would finally come out that each was being teased by a few classmates because of their heritages. I just put it off as ‘growing pains’ but it did affect them and it hurt my wife and I to see it and have no words that would give them comfort no matter how we tried. Of course as they grew the harsh words went away. Today I believe they have grown into better people because of some of it.

They can now see the lack of knowledge of their peers in school.

We are now the proud grandparents of a beautiful grandson. I am a writer—which is the main reason we live in Thailand. It’s quiet there. I wrote a story to try and help my grandson if he goes through any of the same problems. He has four heritages to use as a basis for becoming a great man.

In Thailand I watch many half-Thais-- their words not mine—grow up to become TV and movie stars there. Their mix is looked upon as a thing of beauty. As I studied the history of Thailand I saw that Thai’s have been very smart throughout their very long history. They have never been a colony of any other powers. They would take the good they saw in others and leave the bad out and never change from the people they are.

We in the U.S could learn from that. Be proud of all your heritages but take the good and leave the bad out and hold your heads up high that you have something others only wished they had.

Jennifer said... appears I have been spammed by Dannie. Bad Dannie!

Dannie said...

Hi Jennifer, This is Dannie. I did not spam you! I put a blog in and may not know what I'm doing-- as far a blogs go-- If I did something wrong please let me know. It was not intentional and I apologise. I'm not bad but maybe a bit slow.

Jennifer said...

So glad you are a real person! I've been "spammed" by people before--the usual give-away is that they send multiple copies of the same or similar comments to the same post.

Don't worry--you'll get the hang of posting comments soon!