Thursday, July 30, 2009

Being another type of "other"

If there was a short film that best encapsulated the mood of this blog, I'd pick this film by Andrea Chia and Jerry Henry to be a top contender in communicating what it means to be mixed race in America--the problems and pleasures of such mixing--and the hope of a future where multiracial Americans get to be another type of "other."

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Laura Stillman said...

After watching the preview of the new documentary coming out "I'm Biracial. Not Black damn it.", I read a lot of the conversations on line. Some black people were angry because they saw that title as saying the person was not proud to be black.The same thing happened with Tiger Woods. He was criticized for identifying himself as cablinasian. Everyone wants to give their opinion about what race you should identify with if you are multi-racial. Categorizing people make society feel comfortable. They think they know what to expect from you. My children are biracial and their generation is loud and clear. They aren't interested in everyone's opinion or society's need for them to pick a side. They think it is a stupid conversation to talk about the 'struggle' mixed race people must have deciding who to be. How hard is it? I am black and I am white. Next question.

Jennifer said...


I do think that the generation of children, like yours, are growing up with more and more options and less of a sense that they have to engage in a forced choice exercise around who they are.

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