Saturday, March 29, 2008

Furnishing your racist kitchen


"Gee, I wish I knew of a design store that suited my desire to inappropriately stereotype different ethnic and racial that made kitchen accessories that might offend my more politically correct friends"


Welcome to Pylones, a Parisian design store that also has a U.S. branch (and online presence). At Pylones, you can get the following:

A vegetable peeler with the face of a "Chinese" woman

A pot lid cover in the shape of a rice-paddy hat, with an "Oriental" face.

A rice bowl with an "Oriental" face, wearing, of course, a rice-paddy hat.

And for those wanting to expand their racist kitchenware beyond the "Orientalist" realm:

A peppermill of an "African" woman

*But really, you have your choice of 6 different peppermill designs, including a "Native American" woman and "Inuit" woman (see below):

To see all six peppermills (there's a "Chinese" one if you want to continue the "Oriental" motif of your kitchen), click here.

[I originally saw these this afternoon in a boutique store, that also happened to sell a line of bath products called "Miso-Pretty"--it was a banner day for "Oriental" merchandise.]

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