Thursday, December 4, 2008

Link Love Thursday

My head feels like it is made of cotton. My nose is clogged shut, except when I let out a mammouth sneeze and need the use of several tissues. I am a mess. I have a head cold.

And I have an article deadline and am determined not to let my head cold deter me.

But try as I might, I couldn't muster anything new/interesting/original to share with you, my dear readers, so let me steal, I mean borrow, I mean link you to some blogs/blog posts that may, perhaps, be of interest:

*What Tami Said has a post about Obama-mania in the form of consumer items you can purchase (get your dog an Obama sweater this holiday season) and a lovely coffee table book.

*Chop-Tensils has a great post about a children's game called "Guess Who?"--I've never played it (thank goodness!) but it did remind me of all those times playing CLUE when my young playmates all said I should be "Miss Scarlett" because in the 1970s the CLUE box had a picture of these various players and "Miss Scarlett" was the dragonlady temptress in a cheong-sam lying on a divan looking sexy and dangerous at the same time (like all good Asian women do--I may be wearing a mini-skirt but WATCH OUT! I can kill you with my deadly ninja-moves).

*Finally, from Poplicks a video I'm embedding below on "Prop 8: THE MUSICAL!" -- with a host of familiar faces (including Jack Black as Jesus):

See more Jack Black videos at Funny or Die

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