Thursday, September 11, 2008

September 11

I'm sad. I don't really want to elaborate why. You can probably guess that it has to do with today's date. I know I didn't have to write a post today, but I wanted to just put that out there. I'm sad. I cried this morning. My heart hurts. I bet a lot of people feel this way today. And I just wanted to acknowledge that simple fact.


AMY said...

it was weird being in nyc for it this year...because it felt like not as many people acknowledged it as the other years i have been here...
a few people actually said to me - do you know that today is september 11th? i completely forgot..

i guess i was just a little taken aback and i'm not even certain why..
i think it just makes me sad that even though america is supposed to remember this day for forever, it's so easily forgotten.

Citizen Ojo said...

Every year it is a sad day but it gets better with time.

Jennifer said...

Thanks for leaving comments and for understanding. There are some things that defy explanation/clarification because they run so deep--and this is one of them, for me.

I do think that as time passes, the intensity is lessened. It's a normal part of the grieving/mourning process. But as unsentimental as I can be, there's something about anniversaries that really speak to me, so I suppose part of me will always be called to feel a sense of loss on this date in particular.