Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Magazine Plug: Hyphen's Hybrid Issue

For those of you tuning in who wonder, "This blog is called Mixed Race America and while it talks a lot about race, I don't see a lot of focus on mixed-race people" fear not--here's my plug, at least for a magazine issue that covers mixed-race Asian Americans.

If you haven't checked out Hyphen Magazine, please go to their website (click here). Hyphen is an Asian American magazine based out of San Francisco and their latest issue, #13, is called the "Hybrid" issue and features a spectacular image of mixed-race/Hapa professor-artist-author Kip Fulbeck on the cover.

Kip Fulbeck is definitely someone to check out. I already put in a plug for his book, Part Asian*100% Hapa in an earlier post (click here). He also has a memoir, Paper Bullets that talks about his life growing up Chinese-Irish American in Southern California and his activist-artist work at UC San Diego. And he's got some really interesting films--you can find out more about him on his website, Seaweed Productions.

The Hyphen "Hybrid" issue looks like it has some interesting articles about mixed-race issues for Asian Americans, and you can also check out this essay by San Francisco State professor Wing-mei Dariotis and why she can no longer use the term "hapa" to describe herself or other mixed-race Asian Americans (click here).

I'm subscribing to Hyphen today--I hope some of you will too.


Anonymous said...

Thank you to the introduction to this issue of the magazine. I am always trying to understand the ways in which the black/white mixed experience is similar (or not) to the mixed experience of other people.

Jennifer said...

Thanks for the comment hdurrow--I just checked out your blog and wanted to say congratulations for both your prize and for doing the Storycorp stint (I haven't heard it yet but am looking forward to listening to it).

Have you heard of the collected edition of short stories by Rebecca Walker? I think it's called MIXED and just came out in 2007, and there's another edited by Claudia Chiaewei O'Hearn called HALF AND HALF--I've found both have interesting fiction (in the former) and essays (in the latter) about a mixed-race experience from a variety of various points-of-views.