Thursday, February 26, 2009

Republican affirmative action

I know I gave one type of perspective about the reaction to Bobby Jindal's speech in the blogosphere, but for a deeper analysis of not just Jindal's speech but the idea of Republican affirmative action, please head over to What Tami Said for her post, "Republicans give important positions to unqualified women and minorities or How Bobby Jindal became the GOP's "Great Brown Hope."" Here's a little teaser from Tami:
I always thought Republicans were being disingenuous in their arguments against affirmative action. I was sure that conservatives knew encouraging diversity and making a place for under-represented people does not equal handing goodies to the unqualified. They don't really think that; they are merely pandering to a base that needs a minority boogie man to blame for their personal failures and those of their party. But after watching Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal's strange and tepid response to the President's speech last night, it hit me--that's exactly what they think. That's why when Republicans do diversity it just doesn't work.

Please go and check out Tami's post. As usual, she says what I am thinking about, but oh so well and oh so eloquently.


Tami said...

Thanks for the link love!

Jennifer said...

Of course! I love your blog, and this post was so TRUE.