Tuesday, November 6, 2012

November 6--Election Day--VOTE FOR OBAMA

So it probably goes without saying that a blog called Mixed Race America is going to support President Barack Obama's re-election and wants to URGE anyone who has not yet voted to please GO VOTE FOR PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA.

As a dyed-in-the-wool-blue-to-my-core-Democrat, I am not going to bother rehearsing why I think voting for President Obama is the sane choice.  If you are a dyed-in-the-wool-Republican, I'm probably not going to convince you that he's the right choice.

But if there are any undecided voters out there, especially undecided white votes, then Chris Rock has a special message for YOU:

I'm hoping it's not a nail biter--I'm hoping we go blue again, even if (sadly) my own southern state changes to red (sigh).  LETS GO DEMS!


Dianne said...

Hysterical! I'm not sure about our swing state this year, but I have high hopes that people will vote for sanity and the greater good, not the good of the few.


Here's my blog for the undecideds and the far left who believe Obama is not pushing hard enough.

Jennifer said...

Hi Dianne,
I know, I'd love it if our state went blue like it did in 2008--sadly, I think it's going to be all red this time around (and I'm thinking most concernedly about the state house--sigh). However, I'm holding out hope for the national election that there WILL be something to celebrate about tonight.

Dianne said...

I am so worried about Virginia Foxx winning again, and I am trying to get used to the feeling that we will probably come out red, but we can't give up! Keep hope alive! Lean forward!

Dave Myers said...

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