Monday, October 11, 2010

It's National Coming Out Day (but not for Christopher Columbus)

Sorry for the radio silence from my end. Both due to fatigue from the end of chemo as well as preparation for upcoming surgery (I'll be having a bi-lateral (double) mastectomy surgery in exactly a week from now--which means blog silence for about 2 weeks as I recover) I haven't felt like blogging a lot. I can also blame part of it on chemo brain--what folks who go through chemo describe as a kind of fogginess and inability to concentrate and remember details. I am hopeful that by November I can be back to my regular blogging schedule--or at least contributing to weekly posts if not twice or thrice weekly posts.

There's certainly a lot to blog about--midterm elections, new novels I've been reading like The Surrendered by Chang-rae Lee, The Lady Matador's Hotel by Cristina Garcia, and Bitter in the Mouth by Monique Truong. And then there's the tragedies of the last month--the suicides of queer teens across the nation.

Which brings me to today.

The Human Rights Campaign is sponsoring a National Coming Out Day for today, Monday, October 11.

[Aside: It also happens to be Columbus Day, but as a friend of mine, "A" wrote on her Facebook page, in celebration of Columbus Day you should go into a stranger's house and claim it as your own.]

Whether you are gay or lesbian or straight, please take a moment to acknowledge today as national coming out day. The Human Rights Campaign has a list of activities and resources on their website (click here) to celebrate this day and to help folks who haven't come out to their family, their friends, or co-workers/acquaintances with a guide or other resources to enable them to come out (safely and hopefully with the full acceptance of those who love them).


Don said...

God luck and God bless with your upcoming surgery and I had no idea that October 11th (my daughter's birthday) was also celebrated as a day of coming out.


The CLAMShack: said...

i love that way of thinking about columbus day. what a great example. i may have to use that next year! :) i hope you are hanging in there.

Jennifer said...

Don & The CLAMShack,
Thanks for your comments but esp. for your well wishes. I hope to be doing some more regular blogging in the month of November.