Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Earth Wind & Fire brings "September"

It's the first day of September and what better way to usher in this month than with a little Earth Wind & Fire

[This song just makes me want to dance and groove--when it pops up on my iPod and I'm walking on campus, you will notice me bobbing and strutting along--I'm sure I make quite a sight!]

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Genepool said...

One of my top 5 favorite bands. "Shining Star" and "Serpentine Fire" are two of my daughter's favorite dance tunes. I remember playing them on vinyl in the mid 70's with the likes of Linda Ronstadt and Jim Croce. Fun music! And they were popular without being vulgar in "expressing" themselves.

Expression in music these days sounds a lot like self-indulgence to my aging ears.

Get off my lawn you kids!