Monday, August 4, 2008

McCain Monday

Thank you Rolling Stone for providing an example of not only BAD racial satire but RACIST racial satire. Tip of the hat to Angry Asian Man and Racialicious (who cross-posted and who is sure to have an interesting comment thread).

Is there anything left to say? Actually yes, there's much more to say about race/racism and John McCain and Barack Obama and the 2008 presidential campaign. But the caffeine hasn't kicked in yet, and I'm going to post more later in the week.


Unknown said...

You might enjoy reading "Tenured Radical"'s recent blog entry about the whole "pulling the race card" claim by the McCain campaign. The link:

Jennifer said...


Thanks for the recommendation--I did read TR's post ("Tenured Radical" is part of my morning blog reading) and am hoping to cross-list when I finally put together a post about McCain and race (or another one since I've done one already).