Tuesday, May 29, 2007

My slacker blog

This is my last day in Boston, and I woke up early and thought I'd do a little email trolling. And I discovered "blogger search." Now. I know that if anyone is reading this who knows me you won't be too surprised at my lack of blog saavy or maybe even basic internet know-how. For everyone else, you'll probably just think I'm "sloooooowww" and that's OK -- it's moments like these that I *shamefully* fall back on reminding myself that I have a PhD in English and therefore can't be ALL that stupid, right? (Ok, quiet from the peanut gallery--I can literally hear derisive laughter from a lot of people, esp. those who are in Academia and know English professors).

At any rate, what I just wanted to say is that doing a quick 10 minute search yielded some pretty interesting results--I mean, first of all, I'm certainly NOT the only person writing about race and American culture. Or Asian American issues. Or even doing this from an academic pov. There are some excellent blogs and if I were more awake I'd link them in this message, but two off the top of my head are Racialicious, which used to be Media Watch, the forum for looking for race in the media, and a blog by a professor at UMass Amherst, CN Le. He's a sociologist working on immigration, census data, transracial adoptees and he's got a great site.

And the other thing about looking at all these sites is that it made me realize what a slacker I am--I don't put in labels for posts. I don't have a nifty little counter. Or tell people how to subscribe. I was mentioning to my friend Paul that I wish more people would find my way to my blog and post comments and he said to get people you have to post comments on their site and then leave your own blog address--like a little calling card. Guess it's something I'll think about in the next week. There are some things I want to do to spiff up this blog site. Because I really would like to be engaging in real dialogue and conversation with people, those I know and those I don't know.

Anyway, no real earthshattering revelations on race and America today, other than there are some people already talking the talk and I just have to find them, meet them, and figure out a way to engage them in this (new to me) blog o'sphere.

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Paul said...

Also, if you take the time to link to other blogs, they can find you through referrer logs.