Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Signs that racism is not a U.S. phenomenon

[Spanish Men's basketball team]

[Spanish Women's basketball team]

[Spanish tennis team]

[Argentinian soccer team]

Tip of the hat to Angry Asian Man. Words fail me. I think these images speak for themselves, but for anyone who thinks this is all just good fun and games, I'll provide some analysis and break down the racism tomorrow.


Dance said...

Tangential, but watching the opening ceremonies, I found myself thinking "wow, that's a light-skinned Brazilian team! What's up with that?"

Jason Clinkscales said...

I knew about the men's basketball and tennis teams, but I didn't know that others did the same.

Beyond the offensiveness, did they NOT believe that there would be backlash, at least in the Western world from media, advertisers and fans?

A lot of the articles that referenced those photos pointed to Spain's rather unfortunate recent history with sports and race.