Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My politics stop at body lotion

I was shopping at Bath and Body Works for some body lotion and found a scent that I really enjoy. But I went back and forth about whether I should buy it. And finally, my sense of smell prevailed over my sense of politics.

You can't see the back, but this is the description of Japanese Cherry Blossom:

"EXOTIC. This exotic fragrance is a sensuous blend of Japanese cherry blossom, vanilla rice, oriental woods and delicate mimosa petals."

Really? An "exotic" frangrance composed of "oriental" woods associated with "Japanese" body lotion? And why sensuous?

Of course, perhaps this is the marketing tactic of this particular line of lotion (the "Pleasures" line of lotion--seriously, each bottle is labeled as "PLEASURES" right underneath the company logo). For instance, take Coconut Lime Verbena

"INVITING. Be whisked away to your own paradise with this luscious blend of fresh coconut, lime, and fragrant verbena warmed by vanilla and musk."

What IS Bath and Body Works exactly selling???

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