Monday, June 1, 2009

From the vault: MRM classics & APA Heritage Month Book Winners

I've just returned from a trip to NYC and am turning around and heading out of town to yet ANOTHER conference (this one in Victoria, BC!). So while I'm gone, I will be checking email sporadically (as of this moment I still haven't decided whether I'm bringing my laptop--I probably will, but I'm curious to go a WHOLE WEEK without my laptop), which means that I probably won't be approving comments or writing posts until June 9.

But never fear! I'm re-posting some Mixed Race America "classics" (I say that tongue-in-cheek) from June 2-8, posts that I think had an interesting comment thread or would be fun to look back on since I've now been blogging FOR OVER TWO YEARS!!!

ALSO! I wanted to announce the winners of the APA Heritage Month Book Giveaway.

[drumroll please.....]


Congratulations! I'll be submitting names/handles & email addresses to the Hachette Book Group, so for you prize-winners, if you didn't submit your email address to me already, could you please email me with your email address (you can find my email contact by clicking on "View My Complete Profile"). If I don't hear from all five winners by the time I return from the West Coast, I'll select replacement winners and send them on to the Hachette group.

And thanks for everyone who left a comment during the month of May. I hope that for some of you who were first-time readers to this blog, that you'll consider coming back and leaving more comments. My favorite thing about blogging is the conversations I have on this blog and the relationships I've developed with other bloggers by following them to their own blogs.

OK, I've got to go finish packing and cleaning and preparing for our dog sitter. Enjoy the MRM Classic posts this week!


♔ jessica.marie said...

Congrats to the lucky winners! ^_^

D.J. said...

I am having the greatest on line year ! YAHHHHH me. Thank you. You need my email addy?

Jennifer said...

Yes please DJ! And congrats!

Jessica.Marie--I was rooting for you--but it was at random. However, hopefully I'll be able to offer these again in the future.